What makes Scott Limo the best Car and Limousine Service in the world?


Thank you for taking the time to find out the reasons that make Carmel the best car and limousine service first in Rhode Island and later around the world.

Our Customer Mission and Operating Focus


When I read advertisements from other companies writing about their services, I read many words like "Supreme", "Premium", "Platinum", "Gold", "Ultimate", etc. When I think about Scott Limo, I think about one word - SIMPLE. We at Scott Limo believe that the services provided to our customers should not be rocket science. Instead, we believe it should be simple - you call, we arrive on time, we take you comfortably and safely to your destination all for a very low price. That's it!! Plain and simple.

That kind of simplicity exists because of the great thought and care that we have brought to the efficiency of our operations

Scott Limo




"Where Service is the difference" since 1989